Built-In Placket Bras Solve Boob Issues

About a year ago, I wore a black wrap dress to a job interview. As I prepared to leave the house, I silently congratulated myself on the appropriateness of the outfit, noting the mid-knee length and the tailored but not too tight skirt. So when I looked down an hour later, midway through a sentence about computer programming, and noticed the dress’ high V had turned into a very, very low V from which the girls were threatening to break loose, I was a tad stunned. I got the job but didn’t appreciate the unsolicited help and vowed never to be the victim of wrap dress unraveling again. To help me on my mission, I’ve enlisted the service of Wacoal’s Center Stage cami bra. That built-in lace placket has changed my wardrobe’s life.While a cami or the hilarious Cami Secret could technically do a similar job, this bra is perfect both for the intense heat of summer and outfits where the extra bulk of a tank top would be noticeable. Use it to make the neckline of a top or dress more conservative or to prepare for possible wardrobe mishaps; you’ll spend a lot less time stealing glances at your own chest out of fear that you’re in for a surprise. [$58, Journelle]