10 Reasons Why I Saw “Shrek” This Weekend Instead Of “Sex And The City 2″

I know some ground rules have been placed on redundant “Sex and the City” conversations, but I’m pretty sure I am safe with this one. This weekend, I found myself with some flexible finances, four days of free time, and an urge to avoid serious thinking. All this added up to a friend and I planning to go see a movie on Friday night. We narrowed down our choices to “Sex and the City 2″ or “Shrek Forever After.” In the end, even though I watched the show religiously and was one of the many Carrie-clad individuals who showed up for the midnight screening of the first film, I chose “Shrek.” Here’s why.

  1. As a cinema studies and journalism major, it’s hard for me to ignore a bevy of scathing reviews. One critic said the film is similar to “being lobotomized with a pink teaspoon,” and that just sounds painful.
  2. “Shrek” is in 3D. And this is not meant as an invitation for HBO to get the ball rolling on “Sex and the City 3D and in Space,” because I know they are secretly thinking about it.
  3. Speaking of sequels, “Shrek Forever After” has been promised to be “the final chapter.” I didn’t want my attendance at “SATC2″ to be translated into interest in seeing a third installment.
  4. An adorable cat in clothes wins out over almost anything—it’s a mathematical fact. Puss in Boots is greater than a bunch of whiny women in boots.
  5. Even though I have no idea what happens in “Sex and the City 2,” I am almost positive that Carrie won’t end up with Aidan, and I don’t think my heart can handle that disappointment again.
  6. I am much more into Mother Goose than Manolo Blahnik. Since I am not very style-conscious, the magnificence of Bradshaw and Co’s wardrobe and occasional fashion joke are usually lost on me. The fairy tales and pop culture references of “Shrek” just register a bit more.
  7. Being a girl, I am bound to watch “SATC2″ with a fellow female at some point in my life. Convincing a friend to see a kids’ movie is a little more of a challenge.
  8. After seeing advertisements and hearing news about “Sex and the City 2″ for almost a year now, I was already exhausted by the movie’s hype and shameless plugs way before it hit theaters.
  9. It is really hard to mess up a kids’ movie. It is really easy to mess up a film adapted from a TV series with an obsessed fan base, especially when it is the second time around.
  10. I have grown to hate Carrie, especially after repeated viewings of the “Post-it Note” episode, mostly because of her complaining and the way she says “doobie.” I didn’t think I could handle two and half hours of her jabbering about non-existent marital problems when I could have funny animals instead.