10 Places To Have Sex Outdoors This Summer

There are many, many things to love about summer — iced coffee, al fresco dining, going to the beach, another season of “Big Brother” on CBS — not the least of which is having sex in the great outdoors. When the weather is warm and your hormones are all fired up, here are 10 places to get it on outdoors this summer.

  1. On a roof in a city, under the stars. The faint sound of traffic, car horns, and drunk revelers below as your only soundtrack.
  2. On a boat! Let the motion of the ocean set your pace!
  3. In a tent in the woods. Just be sure to spray your entire body with bug spray first. Mosquito bites on naughty bits are no fun. No fun at all.
  4. On a big rock. A friend of mine did this once and it sounded really hot.
  5. In a dark alley in a small European town. Don’t have plans to head across the pond this summer? Practice your French and then do it behind the local movie theater.
  6. On a picnic blanket on the beach. All the sex appeal minus sand in all your deepest crevices.
  7. On a tire swing! What? I’m sure you can figure it out.
  8. In a treehouse. I’m sure the 12-year-old next door won’t mind if you borrow hers.
  9. In a convertible while on a road trip. Just pull over first, obvs, but for the added kick of risking getting caught, do it on the shoulder of a single lane highway.
  10. Under a waterfall in Hawaii or some other tropical destination. Cheap alternative — in a hot tub under a hose.

Got any to add?