Patricia Field Explains The Costumes In The “SATC 2″ Camel Scene

Die-hard “Sex and the City” fans have been trying to figure out the secret to Patricia Field’s costume madness. How does she make a hodgepodge of items mesh into one cohesive chic look? Well, it seems Pat looks to her own experiences and fantasies for inspiration. Here’s what she told Racked regarding the camel scene in “Sex and the City 2“…

“This is built on an experience of mine that took place about ten years ago, based on my imagination and my fantasy, and the experience was I was in Cairo and I went on a camel riding around the pyramids. And so when this scene came up ten years later in the script of ‘Sex and the City,’ I was, like, okay it’s the camel ride all over again. When I did the camel ride, I wore the hat Samantha wears but in a burgundy. A friend of mine, Horst, made it. I had an outfit on for the camel ride. I didn’t go in just a t-shirt and jeans. I was, like, I’m in the desert, going to Lebanon and it’s the year 1000 and I’m on a camel. I made up this scenario, so when I went on my camel ride I was feeling the theatrics of it. And then it revisited me ten years later in ‘Sex and the City.'”

A rather adequate and fantastical explanation, don’t ya think?