Musings Of A 4-Year-Old Fashion Critic: “Maybe It’s From A Fuzzy Monkey?”

Kids might be small humans without fully developed brains, but they do have a way of putting things the simplest way. So when it comes to fashion, we might actually do good to listen to them, seeing as they have only aesthetics to go on and their minds aren’t yet tainted by the fashion media’s ruling of “what’s hot” and “what’s not.” Leave it to’s resident kid style critic, 4-year-old Annabelle, who gives her opinion on celeb outfits. On a photo of Britney Spears in Uggs, cut-off jeans, and a midriff top, she says, “Ick. Icky. Poo. She doesn’t look pretty. I don’t like her outfit because it doesn’t have ANY fashion in it.” (We’re totally going to start referring to outfits as “having” fashion.)

As for a Nicole Kidman dress that’s part LBD, part military vest, Annabelle explains, “Her dress looks not so fashionish. It looks like she like she’s going to a Halloween party.” (Fashionish!)

Our favorite quip, however, is what she has to say about Victoria Beckham’s huge fur coat: “She looks kind of cute. I like her high heels because they’re black and red. But she’s wearing an animal. I don’t know what kind of animal, but it sure is furry. Maybe it’s from a fuzzy monkey?” [Babble]