Justin Bieber A Frequent F-Bomber?

Alright, who taught Justin Bieber curse words? The floor manager of “Sunrise,” an Australian talk show, is claiming that while he was showing the Bieb his performance space, Justin whipped around and yelled, “don’t ever f**king touch me again.” The outburst seemed hugely out of character for the squeaky clean pop singer who has always reminded us of a Muppet baby. But, apparently, one of Bieber’s peeps told the manager not to take it personally as Justin drops f-bombs in outbursts “all the time.” Now, a British radio DJ is backing up the story and saying that after he asked Bieber a question about his new tattoo, Justin stood up, flipped him off, and stormed out of the room. [NY Daily News]

Could all this be true? It certainly would not be the first time that a teen superstar thoroughly surprised us by doing something completely outside the bounds of their nice-as-pie public persona. Our favorite moments after the jump.

  • For years, Britney Spears kept up the appearance that she was an uber-sweet, down-to-earth, All-American girl, though certainly with a naughty streak. And then in 2004, the news broke that she’d gotten married in Las Vegas, to a childhood friend while rocking a baseball cap after a night of drinking. She claimed it was a joke gone too far. And it was just a taste of the unhinged behavior to come.
  • You don’t get much more good girl than Miley Cyrus. Then at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, Miley “shocked” the world by pole dancing. What surprises will come next?
  • Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn, starred in Nickelodeon shows for kids like “All That” and “Zoey 101″ and was another star with an impeccable image. Then, in 2007, she announced to OK Magazine that she was preggers. At the age of 16. Jaws dropped.
  • In “High School Musical,” Vanessa Hudgens plays Gabriella—the shy transfer student who loves math—and she had the Disney-approved reputation to match the character. Until photos she took of herself naked, meant for boyfriend Zac Efron, made their way onto the internet.
  • Sure, Justin Timberlake was trying to shed his good boy N’Sync image when he went solo with Justified. But on the press tour he went too far, and told radio DJs Star and Buc WIld that he had oral sex with Britney. We all thought he was too dreamy to kiss and tell in such a gross way.