Give Katy Perry’s Purple Eyeshadow A Try

It’s hard to ignore the hideous ’80s images that flash before our eyes when we think of purple eyeshadow, but a recent uptick in celebs pulling off the look has forced us to re-consider our fear of the stuff. Katy Perry may look a little bit like a pretty bobblehead doll in this picture but her shimmery purple shadow definitely isn’t to blame; her eye makeup is gorgeous. Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a handful of other classy ladies have tried out the look, too, all with great success. After studying their triumphant purple eyeshadow usage, we came up with a few universal tips for trying out plum-colored eye makeup. [Elle UK]

  • Unless you’re going for full-on smokey eyes, choose a shade of purple that’s on the lighter side. A subtle lilac that fades as it creeps above your eyelid crease is best.
  • Rather than an opaque shadow, pick a semi-sheer that will blend instead of sitting heavily on top of your lids.
  • A bit of shimmer is OK, but full-on glitter chunks are not your friend.
  • Swipe on a bit of mascara, but keep everything else in the eye area simple. This means skipping liner all around the eyes, though a bit on top is nice.