Ask The Astrosexologist: “Is Now The Right Time To Start A Romance With My Best Friend?”

My best friend and I live on opposite ends of the country. A year and a half ago we admitted there were intense feelings between us that we wanted to explore in the future. We decided that we could still see other people, but essentially promised each other that something would blossom between us at some point. Just as we were deciding this, I met a man that I’d eventually move in with after a short time. My best friend knew about the guy, but when I told him I had decided to move in with this guy he, rightfully so, was heartbroken. After some time I realized that this new guy was not right for me and broke things off with him. Thankfully, my best friend, a Virgo, understands my intense impulsiveness, as a Sagittarius, and has subsequently forgiven me for putting him through an emotional roller coaster, as we both came out alive.

Now, my question is: I am now done with school and will be relocating to a much nearer vicinity to my best friend. I think he might be someone I could experience a great love with and would eagerly try to move our friendship into a more intimate relationship. I am unsure of how to proceed; as I know we have this very complicated history and also that we will still be living in different places for a while. We both want to move to a similar array of cities to launch our lives and our careers, but how do I broach that subject and not freak him out by defining the relationship too soon? Should I be completely honest, as him and I have always been, about my desire to be close to him or should I leave the ball in his court because of what has happened? – Y.

Girl, you’re a Sag. I wouldn’t be surprised if you called him up right after you wrote this letter to admit how you felt and make it happen. Yes, you are the sign of spontaneity and the sign of honesty, so when you can put them together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you do. However, you better make sure you know what you want this time, as Virgos are perfectionists and they will keep score on your foibles.

While he obviously has feelings for you and you both did talk about one day being together, you were the one to mess it up by moving in with a new guy, so you must be the one to rectify this situation by making him feel 100 percent secure in knowing you want to be the one that he winds up with. You have to just go for it and fly by the seat of your pants, as that is being in the Sagittarius element, expressing yourself and just letting it all go. He knows you, he gets you, and so this frantic style of communication won’t surprise him. Besides, if you over-think it, you’ll end up fumbling with your words and feelings.

However, just because you are putting out the bait and testing the waters to see if this could work, you also have to prepare yourself for him to be a bit slower on the uptake, as he will act cautiously —because of history and also because that is what Virgos do. Of course, from the sound of it, chances are he will be open to ideas and from there, it’s up to you to make it be all that you want, at whatever pace you want. It’s just about setting down the foundations and paving a road for you to both travel on. Plus, this is Virgo’s year for committed relationships and Sagittarius’ year to start laying down roots — so make it happen!

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