Get Frisky On The Beach: The Definitive Summer Reading List

It’s Memorial Day! Let the summer beach reading commence! I have two goals this summer—spend lots of time sitting on the beach (with sunscreen of course) and read lots o’ books while sitting on the beach. I believe I can achieve these goals. I’m placing a large Amazon order today, so I’ve been doing some research and thought I’d share. After the jump, my picks for the best beach reads this summer.If you like chick lit between cool dips in the ocean …

Chick lit is perfect for the beach. You don’t have to think … just keep turning those pages to find out which hot guy the girl ends up with. If this is your bag, you may want to pick up Heart of the Matter, the latest in Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed series, Arm Candy, a new book about a May/December romance a la Demi and Ashton, Star Island, about a young pop star with serious problems (ahem Lilo?), or The Seven Year Bitch, Jennifer Belle’s latest … I’ll be reading it just because she hired actresses to read it and laugh as part of her marketing effort.

If you’re in the mood for some mystery with your Chipwich

If you like to get your adrenaline pumping while laying on your towel you’ll need to have the entire Stieg Larsson trilogy in your beach tote; The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. It’s time already. Once you’ve finished all three, you may want to check out Demon Theory, a Wes Craven-esque horror tale, In The Woods, a murder mystery, or Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series, since there won’t be a television anywhere nearby … I hope.

If you prefer a fine novel with your fine weather …

If you need to sink your teeth into something while baking in the sun, you may want to sweat it out with A Thousand Splendid Suns. Just because The Kite Runner was so amazing and this gem is finally out in paperback. Other picks for fine fiction are The Three Weismans of Westport, kind of Sense and Sensibility meets modern day Connecticut, Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strouts’ masterpiece about people in a costal Maine town, Let the Great World Spin, a fictionalized account of the summer of ’74 in New York City, and Tell All, Chuck Palahniuk’s latest.

If you can handle the truth even on your day off …

Some of us don’t need to escape. We want the real deal, even if we are lazing on the beach. Sometimes the truth is hilarious, like in Chelsea Handler’s new collection of essays Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. When you’re done laughing, you can consume your recommended dose of pop culture with Chuck Klosterman’s Eat the Dinosaur. Next up, just because I’m a former theater nerd, I’ll be reading Mickey Rapkin’s Theater Geek, which follows three teenage thespians during a summer at a performing arts camp. I think we’ll all enjoy the cameo by Courtney Love. You can finish off the day with a super explicit memoir from a former rock ‘n’ roll groupie, The Last Living Slut: Born In Iran, Bred Backstage. It’s allegedly so racy that it almost didn’t get published for fear of Muslim death threats. On a more positive note, it promises to contain sexytime scenes with Tommy Lee, Sebastian Bach, and Dizzy from Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Happy beach reading! Share your suggestions in the comments.