Today’s Lady News: Marquette University Rescinds Their Job Offer To Lesbian Dean

  • Marquette Univeristy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, appointed Jodi O’Brien, a sociologist and an open lesbian, as dean of the school in April, but then rescinded the offer in early May. The school told her some of her published writings on sex and same-sex marriage were at odds with the school’s Jesuit teachings. []
  • The World Health Organization has asked for more action against the tobacco industry for targeting women and girls, especially in developing countries. Women are the biggest growth market for the tobacco industry. [National Post]
  • Speaking at the U.S. Naval Academy’s commissioning ceremony, Vice President Joe Biden commended the 11 women in the graduating class who will the first to have the opportunity to serve on subs. Biden also noted it’s the 30th anniversary of women graduating from the Naval Academy. [AP]
  • The New York Times calls ultrasounds the “new front” of the abortion wars. [New York Times]

  • The House of Representatives and the Senate Armed Services Committee have both voted to appeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. The bill will now be sent to the Senate. [CNN]
  • New York City is applying for a $20 million federal grant to teach comprehensive sex ed in public schools with the goal of reducing teen pregnancies. New York State curriculum requires HIV-AIDS prevention education, but has less guidelines about other sex ed topics. [WNYC]
  • The Wall Street Journal addresses the “sisterhood” of women who work at law firms, including findings that legal secretaries prefer not to work for women associates or lawyers. [WSJ]
  • This is an actual headline: “Why Everyone Prefers Male Bosses.” [Forbes]
  • The blog Jezebel live-tweeted a panel discussion at Radcliffe College called “Feminism Then and Now,” with Susan Faludi and Nell Irvin Painter, as well as a lunch with Gloria Steinem. I guess our invitation got lost in the mail. [Jezebel]


  • The city of Lleida, Spain, has banned women from wearing face-covering Muslim veils, such as burqas or niqabs, in its municipal buildings. [AP]
  • A member of the Iraqi security services has told the Christian Science Monitor there is a secret prison for women and children at Iraq’s Muthanna Iraqi Army base. The secret prison allegedly holds at least six women and at least eight children, including the wives of two suspected Al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Forty Italian women, including secret mistresses of priests of monks, have sent a letter to a Catholic pontiff asking for the end to a celibacy ban for priests. [Guardian UK]
  • South Korea’s Defense Ministry is considering allowing women to join its Reserve Officer Training Corps in 2014 or possibly earlier. [JoongAng Daily]
  • The unemployment rate of Saudi Arabian women is increasing, apparently due to cultural attitudes regarding women coming into contact with men who are not members of their immediate family. []
  • Politicians, religious leaders, and medical experts in Morocco met today to hold a conference on the future of abortions. In Morrocco, abortion is banned except in cases where the life of the mother is at risk, yet roughly 800 to 1,000 (both legal and “back alley”) abortions take place anyway. [AFP]
  • A recent study by Israel’s Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry found 40 percent of women report being sexually harassed at work. Three-quarters of those harassed said a senior employee was to blame and 64 percent said the harassment occurred more than once. [Jerusalem Post]
  • A British court has ruled that the country’s National Health Service Trust was right to refuse to pay for breast implants for a transexual, despite the fact that there was evidence the surgery would benefit her. The breast implants would have been part of treatment, which included hormone therapy, for gender identity disorder. [Guardian UK]