In Bed With … Leonardo DiCaprio

November 11, 1974, at 2:47 AM in Los Angeles, CA
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Ascendant: Libra
Moon: Libra
Mercury: Libra
Venus: Scorpio
Mars: Scorpio

Love Style:

Leo is a man who lives up to his name, a master when it comes to the art of seduction and love. He knows how to sweet talk, play coy to charm whomever at will, and then turn into a tiger to pounce at precisely the right moment. He thrives in relationships, and he’s someone who believes in equality in them. However, he can be super intense, asking for a degree of devotion and attentiveness that only a mother can give, but in his eyes, he feels he gives as good as he wants to get. Loyalty is what he prizes and once he gets to that level with that special someone, he gives his all by revealing all the skeletons in his closet. The person he chooses as his special partner-in-crime is the one he’ll give the keys to everything in his body, mind and heart.

Sex Style:

Leo is a man of action and he enjoys sex as if it were his life force. He’s all for trying new things, exploring the darker sides of lust and being fearless in venturing into any bizarre way of getting off. His appetite for all things libidinous is large and intense. When he hits the sack, he wants to get lost in it but to make something beautiful. Even if you just met him, as the sign of extremes rules him, he will perform as if he is out to connect with you each and every time, as there is a need to have a bond in some way to truly hit his mark. Passion is a must and he wants it at high-octane levels and can do a good job of faking it even if he’s not 100 percent there. However, it is always easy for his hook-up partners to gauge what he feels, as he communicates his emotions through sex. Though he can often be too misleading with words and make things sound prettier than they are, through his body he can’t lie.

His Type:

Leo can’t resist a pretty face and it’s no shock that he only dates supermodels. He has a great appreciation for beauty and without it, his relationships cannot exist. However, once he’s been turned on superficially, that is only one hurdle. There are many more after that, as he does have a strange relationship with mind games and seeing how deep he can bestow his trust to the other. Sure, he’s generous to a fault to all whom he loves, but when it comes to getting close to him, he needs his lady to prove she can stand on her own and be someone he could rely on through thick and thin. Of course, the hardest part of loving him is enduring his moods, which are vast and can flip at the drop of a hat. This means she has to be somewhat of a mind reader and know when to give him space, because when it does some down to it, he is a loner at heart. While he thrives being with the ones he loves, at the core of it, he views his life to be more solitary than one would assume. To really wrangle him down, the lady who wants his ultimate affection should keep her reins on him loose, but available.

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