Chick Lit Author Hires Actresses To Read Her Book In Public And Laugh Hysterically

Author Jennifer Belle thinks that “publishing is no laughing matter these days.” That’s why she’s hired actresses to laugh hysterically while reading her new book The Seven Year Bitch. It’s about a 40-something who loses her Wall Street job and feels trapped with a kid and a husband and becomes a “seven year bitch”—getting a new job, having affairs, etc. In order to boost sales for her latest effort—her previous books Going Down and High Maintenance sold fairly well—she auditioned over 100 actresses to play readers. She narrowed it down to 40 lucky ladies who will receive $8/ hour to go to the most populated parts of New York City this weekend and crack up while reading her chick lit. Kind of grassroots meets guerilla marketing. I think it’s kind of genius … as long as the book is actually funny and not as depressing as it sounds. [NY Post]