And The Prize Goes To … Our Favorite First Kiss Story

Last week, we asked you to share the story of your first kiss, and we loved reading every single one — they were so touching! But we could only pick one winner for the One Kiss by Cindy Crawford Multi-Gemstone Necklace, so without further ado …

I was 7 (I swear it’s true!) and my older brother and I were playing Batman with the slightly older, pretty cute, neighbor kid. My bro was Batman, I was Catwoman and the other kid was Joker. He decided Batman and Catwoman were married, but getting a divorce and Catwoman was immediately remarrying to the Joker. In a He-Man tent he pointed to a BK cup with the Joker on it and said, “I am him…Will you be my woman?” I said “umm I guess”. I figured we were done until he lurched forward and gave me a wet delicate kiss on the lips. I think he moved shortly after so I’m assuming our marriage was annulled. I had forgotten about this until this contest…thanks! nerd-n-ernie

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