30 Things Men Love That Women Just Don’t Understand

I’ve already told you the 30 things that women love that men just don’t understand, but it’s the lesser sex that really has women scratching their heads. Here are the 30 things MEN love that women just don’t understand (with exceptions, obvi — there must be a woman or two out there who loves Paris Hilton).

1. Crotch grabbing
2. AC/DC
3. Skid marks
4. Nascar
5. Fake breasts
6. Scars
7. Car shows
8. The WWE
9. Fart jokes
10. Titty-twisters
11. Sports bars
12. Mowing the lawn/washing the car
13. Collecting weapons
14. Explosions/Fire
15. Pimping out their sound system
16. Paris Hilton
17. Taking long poops
18. Listening to everything at a really high volume
19. Videogames
20. “Ninja Warrior”
21. Martial arts movies
22. Classic rock
23. Dimeslots
24. Fantasy Football and Baseball
25. Anal sex
26. Any movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme or Sylvester Stallone
27. Chicken wings
28. Watches/time pieces
29. Ribs
30. Binoculars