The “Harry Potter” Cast Gets Emotional As Filming Comes To An End

Remember middle school? It is the ultimate awkward span of life—you are no longer a cute little kid and not quite a “young woman,” instead you are at some uncomfortable in-between. My middle school years can be simplified into a tragic set of bangs, an unexplainable draw to synthetic shirts with tigers on them and a horrible incident where I shaved off half my eyebrows. For the cast of “Harry Potter,” it was a little bit different. They started filming the first flick back in 2000, when they were 11 or younger. This means that the majority of the cast had this embarrassing pre-teen period captured on film for millions to see. And that is bound to form a tight bond. Now that the last scenes for the final “Potter” movie, “The Deathly Hollows,” are almost complete, the cast is coming out about how it feels to leave behind the people and story that has been part of their lives since middle school. It may be hard for the millions of fans when “Harry Potter” ends, but it sounds like some of the cast members might need therapy to get over the loss. After the jump, see what Harry, Hermione, Ron and more have to say about bidding farewell to the franchise that has dominated the majority of their life. Daniel Radcliffe should be excited—now he can do more flicks with nude scenes ! Oh wait, that’s just me being excited. Daniel himself is sad:

“I will be devastated when it’s over. There is nothing I watch without it triggering a series of memories. Everything is so linked to my life. At the same time, it is exciting. It is the end.” [People]

Emma Watson is sadsies, too:

“I feel like someone is dying. This kind of love and recognition is just incredible. It is also really emotional for me. I am proud.” [People]

Rupert Grint is looking forward to new frontiers. I just hope moving on doesn’t mean catching anymore contagious diseases:

“I guess none of us ever thought it would really end and packing up the dressing rooms will be weird. But I’m kind of looking forward to moving on and doing different things.” [Monsters and Critics]

Alan Rickman, who plays Professor Snape, seems to be taking on the coldness of his “Potter” character, being the least sentimental about the the franchises’ finish:

“It means that I’ll be able to do more theater as an actor. I couldn’t really because I never know what my commitment could be. [I’d do another series like this] only if I was provided with a wheelchair and an oxygen tank.” [Celebrifi]

Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, sounds like he needs to start stocking up on the tissues:

“I don’t think that when they finish filming that it will be the end of us portraying the characters. I think there will always be a little bit of us, inside of us, that will always remain. At least inside of me, so to speak. But I am certainly enjoying it rather than sort of looking ahead and getting a bit sad about it. I’m going to make the most of it and certainly cry my eyes out when it’s finished.” [About]

Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley, for being one of the younger cast members, sounds the most adult about life after “Harry”:

“I try not to think too much about the end just yet. I kind of want to sort of really enjoy what we have left, and cherish all the experiences that are still to come for me. But it’s going to be weird. I think it’s going to be very sad for us all to sort of finish. But I mean, exciting as well, because we’ll all go on to do new projects, hopefully, and watch each other and support each other into what we’re going to do.” [Dark Horizons]

Robbie Coltrane, who plays Hagrid, shows that he can be as emotional and cuddly as his character, but a tad more fiscally aware:

“I think the last few days are gonna be quite tough….It’s funny; I was talking to a few of the adults (on set) about this, and we were all going – ‘Yeah, it’s gonna be tough on the kids …’ I regret the ending of Harry Potter for the obvious reasons of saying goodbye to a bunch of people with whom I’ve become very friendly over the years, but also because I will be giving up a regular income. You don’t get too much of that in the world of acting.” [Crushable]

When the “Harry Potter” films come to end, how will you feel knowing the franchise is essentially over?