No Wedding Ring On Your Finger? Try A Special Divorce Or Single Gal Ring Instead

Even if you’re unmarried, you can “put a ring on it” yourself, according to an article in The New York Times. While the paper won’t call it a full-fledged trend, several companies, like D Jewelry Co., now offer divorce rings, and a few others sell rings that celebrate your singlehood. (There’s even something called the Ah ring — the A stands for “available” and the H for “happy.” Barf.I can understand divorced women wanting a new piece of jewelry to wear on their ring finger, especially if they’d been married for years and would feel weird wearing nothing. And I totally get that single ladies like to wear rings just as much as ones who are taken. But is it necessary to market regular rings this way? Because I’m pretty sure it’s just normal jewelry if it’s not an engagement or wedding ring. Why must all jewelry refer to a person’s relationship status? [NY Times]