Jesse James’ Dad Says There Was No Abuse

When Jesse James sat down for his “Nightline” interview, he had an interesting explanation for why he torpedoed his marriage to Sandra Bullock by cheating with multiple women—he was abused as a child. “[My dad] beat my ass pretty good a bunch of times. I was petrified of my dad … I was a terrorized kid,” he said. “My mind rationalized [cheating], ‘Well, you know, I might as well do whatever I can to like run her off cause she is going to find out what I am anyway and leave me anyway.'”

But Jesse’s dad, Larry James, is taking serious issue with this statement, and he sat down yesterday for an interview with Radar to say that the alleged abuse never happened. “When I watched Jesse on ‘Nightline’ last night, I was disgusted, horrified, and brokenhearted to hear what my son said about me because none of it is true,” he said. “I was a great father and I’m not a violent person. My kids were my whole life. I would never ever hurt any one of them. I would have died before I would have hurt them. … I don’t even remember spanking my kids,” he said. “I think he made these allegations because he’s told so many lies for so many years about his childhood to get the image of being a bad boy coming up out of the slums. … None of this is true.”

Larry further elaborated about their relationship. “[Jesse] was a fantastic kid—he was always happy. We did everything together—we worked together, fished together, we ate breakfast together, we ate dinner together. He was the apple of my eye,” he said. “I could never hurt my son for all the tea in China. I would have died rather than let anyone hurt my kids.”

So who do we believe? [Radar]