“Glee”‘s Bad Romance Is All About The DIY

Gaga fans and Gleeks alike had a minor freak-out session when this week’s episode aired, because, in addition to the brilliant vocal stylings of the cast, the wardrobe department went waaaay over-the-top amazing with the costumes. Given the mass amount of outfit options in Lady Gaga’s eccentric closet, the possibility of putting an actor in those insane McQueen heels seemed almost of the question. But Chris Colfer sacrificed his feet and ankles in the name of fashion and music and offered to wear those massive platforms. Unfortunately, it seems his 11-inch feet just wouldn’t squeeze into the originals, so the wardrobe team went DIY-happy instead. Chris explained: “[They] actually went out and bought huge, bright, red hooker-boots from a cross-dressing store on Hollywood Boulevard, cut them down, and then covered them with the fabric and jewels you see on the show. It really hurt at first to learn but the ending result looked so cool that it was all worth it.”

Despite the pain of the 10-inch faux McQueen heels, Chris added in a few Dr. Scholl’s inserts and pulled through in the name of Gaga, fashion and McQueen. The final product looked flawless, and you have to give him major credit, as only a few fashion mavens, like Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness, have flawlessly pulled off the originals. [L.A. Times]