8 Great TV Shows Coming To The Big Screen

Sex and the City 2” hits theaters today! Whether your reaction is a squeal or groan, it’s a big deal. Critics have given the “SATC” revival a beating for being materialistic and totally unrealistic, but all of them have admitted that the ladies will line up to lovingly consume the movie anyways, thanks to their extreme devotion to the TV show. Ta-da, box office success! Movie studios are getting this trick. There is now a growing roster of movies—both coming soon and just rumored—adapted from small-screen staples. After the jump, eight TV-to-film transfers that we’re excited for.

  1. “The Smurfs Movie”: Neil Patrick Harris can do no wrong—it has been proven. The fact that he will be joining the blue cartoon that is “The Smurfs” on the big screen has us already anticipating the film’s release. As an added bonus, once the film comes out, it will be acceptable to use the word smurf as a noun, verb, or just about anything. Smurf yeah!
  2. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: OK, bad news first. The film adaption of the cult favorite is totally unaffiliated with the show’s cast and director, Joss Whedon. Bright side? The new movie is said to be directed by the same people who made the first “Buffy” film, which inspired the series. They also helped develop the show and its spin-off, “Angel.” Hopefully, they bring a new ray of light to the now redundant vampire-craze. [Scifi]
  3. “Arrested Development”: The show that everyone loved, but no one seemed to watch is rumored to be hitting the big screen. But as is the curse with “Arrested Development,” things have been far from simple. The creators and the cast of the show are constantly involved in conflicting projects, and no one can say when work on the film will actually start, if at all. Let’s hope the movie happens. We need the Bluths! [TV Squad]
  4. “24”: Well, “24” fanatics, it looks like you won’t be waiting for long another dose of Jack Bauer’s butt-kicking. Even though the series just ended this week, there is already talk that a film adaptation will start shooting this year. The big budget of action films would definitely add even more intensity to the already liberal amounts of special effects on the show. But with roughly two hours to deliver a story, “24” may need to rethink its time format for the film. Unless we are looking at a new Rambo-esque mega franchise. Shudder. [Cinema Blend]
  5. “Gilligan’s Island”:Lost” fans, you are not so in luck. There are yet to be any whispers about a big screen version. But there could be an alternative. Rumor has it that the classic ’60s show “Gilligan’s Island” is due for a reboot. Maybe they could shift the now-out-of-work cast to a new deserted island? Locke would make a great “Skipper.” In reality, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zach Braff, and Katherine Heigl are rumored to be involved in this one. [Village Voice]
  6. “Skins”: The British teen drama has recently received the green light to start working on a film version. “Skins” follows a group of friends growing up and dealing with host of scandalous but realistic situations. For those who haven’t seen it, think of it as a racier “Gossip Girl” with sexy accents, more believable plot lines, and no shameless Vitamin Water plugs. I plan to see it opening day. [Press Association]
  7. “Entourage”: It’s no surprise that “Sex and the City”‘s brother series of sorts, “Entourage,” is said to be preparing for a film adaptation after the series ends. It’ll most likely follow the “SATC” formula—a big budget dose of the sex and schmoozing. Who knows, maybe they will have a movie where the cast of “Entourage” and “SATC” come together? I shouldn’t be giving them ideas. [MTV]
  8. “Rome”: Work has already started on the movie version of HBO’s “Rome,” promising to bring back some of the same actors and writers from the show. The flick is said to be a follow-up to the series and will take place in Germany four years later. Unlike “SATC,” HBO films will not be supporting the “Rome” remake. The only reason I can think of for this separation is that the company is interested solely in fashionable gladiator sandals, not practical ones. [Screen Rant]