10 Reasons To See “Sex And The City 2″

Critics have been panning “Sex and the City 2.” MTV’s Kurt Loder described it as “a ghastly mess, a stake in the heart of the great TV series that ran from 1998 to 2004. This second ‘SATC’ movie (I liked the first one) is misconceived on every level.” OK, so there’s really no comparison to the TV show, which is in a totally different league than the sequel. But I wouldn’t say “SATC 2″ is a mess that can’t be enjoyed. I saw a screening of it last night and actually LOL’d (a rarity for me) at all the Samantha sex jokes, and I oohed and ahhed at the posh accommodations Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha enjoyed in Abu Dhabi. But these aren’t the only reasons you should see this rom-com, which should be enjoyed simply as that. Check out 10 more SPOILER-FREE reasons to see “Sex and the City 2,” after the jump.

  1. The film is like an over-the-top Harlequin romance novel acted out in front of you.
  2. Miranda — finally getting her due — steals many scenes with her show-stopping wardrobe and fab-u-lous hair!
  3. Liza Minnelli’s rendition of “Single Ladies” is actually entertaining when you watch and hear it.
  4. Samantha repeatedly screams “Bite me!” to an angry mob of religious men, while also giving them the finger.
  5. Miranda and Charlotte make it OK to dislike being with your children all the time. Every mom needs a breather.
  6. Stanford and Anthony’s “gay wedding” is totally ridiculous enjoyment.
  7. You can learn tips for fighting the effects of menopause thanks to Suzanne Somers.
  8. The women let out a karaoke roar … and it was actually really empowering.
  9. Charlotte doesn’t crap her pants this time.
  10. And for the guys … there’s bra-less jogging and cartwheels.