“Dancing With The Stars”: Who We’d Like To See Next Season

Last night Nicole Scherzinger was the 10th star to claim the mirrored ball on “Dancing with the Stars.” The lead Pussycat Doll went up against Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek and ESPN anchor Erin Andrews and came out victorious. Many predicted that Scherzinger would win from the start based on her spectacular performances and stage presence, not to mention her extensive dance history as a member of PCD. But Lysacek and Andrews gave her a good run for her money, bringing an enjoyable end to a season of controversy.

Was it me, or was season 10 the most exciting ever? Kate Gosselin’s diva behavior, Jake Pavelka’s cornball glances at Vienna Girardi, and Nicole’s spats with Pamela Anderson made it must-watch TV, not to mention Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s major snafu regarding Erin Andrews’ wardrobe. The show seriously picked the right contestants this time around. To help them out for season 11, here are the 15 stars we’d love to see do the rumba next.

  1. Celine Dion: Back in 2007, the Canadian songstress said that she was interested in doing the show. Why hasn’t “DWTS” snatched her up yet? They have a pretty loose definition of “star,” and she would be one of their biggest grabs. I am picturing a “Titanic”-themed waltz to “My Heart Would Go On.” It would be cheesily epic. [Buddy TV]
  2. Betty White: This lady is 2010’s big thing, and rightfully so. Betty White is adorable, feisty, and totally held her own on “Saturday Night Live” this month. If White ends up in a set of dancing shoes, I am officially dubbing her the coolest grandma ever. [Extra]
  3. Johnny Weir: So Evan Lysacek gave it his shot and got to the final three, but I think Johnny Weir could take it all the way. Throughout the Olympics, he was known for bringing theatricality and flair to all his performances. The dance floor is the only other place that I can think of that could capture Weir’s signature brand of pizazz. Plus, we’d get the added perks of more self-designed outfits and seeing him get to beat Lysacek at something.
  4. Sarah Silverman: The comedian just had her show on Comedy Central canceled, so now it is time to dance the pain away. Sarah Silverman strikes us as sort of klutzy, but I am sure that can be smoothed out by the tender footsteps of Tony or Derek. Silverman is sure to make the sometimes exhaustive judging process a little more entertaining.
  5. Heidi Klum and Seal: The couple has said in interviews that they are interested in joining “Dancing with the Stars.” It would be good for everyone. Heidi Klum could get away from judging those sassy “Project Runway” stylists and rock some tacky, sparkly clothes. Seal could get back on the radar for something other than being Klum’s husband. And the show could get to play off the drama of having a couple compete against each other.
  6. Oprah Winfrey: Oprah may be leaving her iconic television show behind, but that doesn’t mean she can’t move on to something else. She needs to think of all the fans she has been shepherding for so many years! Honestly, with the number of women who look to her for advice on what to eat, read, and wear—I don’t think there’s any way she could lose.
  7. Billy Ray Cyrus: “Achy Breaky Heart” was my jam back in the day, but I will admit the dance that goes along with it is pretty lacking. A trip to “Dancing with the Stars” could do Billy Ray Cyrus some good and help him get over losing BFF/daughter Miley to Liam Hemsworth and her new house. Maybe he can teach Miley some less raunchy moves.
  8. Bob Saget: Between “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” Bob Saget seems like quite the family man. But I have heard rumors that in real life he has a dirty sense of humor. Maybe Saget could reroute that crudeness into sexy dance moves? It would be a good mix of amusing and awkward, since a lot of viewers probably couldn’t see past Saget as anyone other than Daddy Tanner.
  9. Katie Holmes: So she might be a bit of reach, especially since Katie Holmes is stuck in the Tom Cruise isolation bubble, but this could be a rebirth for her. Let’s face it: Holmes has a lost some of her flair and she lets her daughter do most of the fancy dressing. “Dancing with the Stars” would allow Holmes to separate herself from TomKat, and at least get out of the house.
  10. Josh Holloway: Now that “Lost” is over, people are going to have to find their dose of shirtless Sawyer somewhere else. We can sit around and watch old “Lost” clips, but I think seeing him get sweaty and strip down in a samba would be a better alternative. Yes?
  11. Dr. Drew: It is time for Dr. Drew to add something else to his resume other than harassing addicted celebrities and pregnant teens. The Doc needs to come to the dance floor and switch from psychoanalysis to polka.
  12. Ryan Seacrest:American Idol” is finally starting to see a decline, while “Dancing with the Stars” just had one of its most successful seasons. Now I haven’t taken math since high school but it seems like it is time for Seacrest to think about switching teams. A little bit of fancy footwork could be just what he needs, though they would have to make it clear he couldn’t host the show.
  13. Sarah Ferguson: The Duchess herself has said she wants to be on the show because her kids love to watch her dance. Now that she is stuck in the middle of a bribery controversy, she could use “DTWS” for image revitalization. Though there is a chance not even “Dancing with the Stars” could save her from this royal mess.
  14. Kendra Wilkinson: Speaking of image revitalization, Kendra Wilkinson could use a little help right now. Her first sex tape has just hit the market, and with a rumored second one on the way, Kendra needs to get people’s minds off her sex life and onto something else. The girl is already a gifted booty shaker—maybe there is talent hiding in her other assets?
  15. Mr. T: Mr. T had a brief fling as a rapper, and now it is time for him to reach triple threat territory. I pity the fool who don’t vote for him. With the movie remake of “A-Team” out soon, he needs to make sure viewers know who the real B.A. Baracus is.

Who would you like to see on “DWTS” season 11?