The iPad Dress: Don’t Say You Didn’t See It Coming

Cool technology doesn’t always breed stylish fashions to go with it. Some prime examples would be the man’s cell phone holster as belt accessory, or the bedazzled Razr phone craze of 2005 (which, admittedly, we were kind of into for a hot second). So far, the fashion forecast has been none too favorable for the iPad, following a heinous utility vest and cargo pants with pockets the size of Canada to contain the device.

So we’re actually quite surprised by this cute iPad dress brought to you by iClothing. It’s just your basic LBD, outfitted with a large front zip pocket for the Apple accessory. (Keeping things simple is so key.) Only thing is, we can’t imagine that walking around with an iPad-shaped torso does much for your figure. [Mashable]