Summer Must-Have: Short Shorts For Under Your Skirt

I loathe pants. I hate the way they feel, and I hate the way they look on me. This explains why I am such a fan of spring/summer fashion. Come May, my wardrobe consists solely of skirts and dresses, and I’m one happy camper. Until, that is, the wind comes along to rain on my parade. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than walking down the street, desperately clutching the sides of your dress as a gust of wind fights to flip up your skirt and expose your thong for all the world to see. This totally takes the fun out of wearing anything remotely flowy on a day with a breath of wind.

So, my slightly childish solution is to stock up on tight, stretchy short shorts in a variety of colors to wear underneath skirts and dresses. It’s not ideal, but at least I can walk down the street in peace. And if need be, I slip them off in the bathroom of my destination. Do you do this, too? What’s your solution for wearing skirts on windy days? [$22, American Apparel]