Eley Kishimoto For Anthropologie Looks Like Maternity Wear

We love an Anthropologie designer collaboration as much as the next girl, but the newly released Eley Kishimoto collection is a dud. Cheaper fabrics don’t seem to do justice to Eley Kishimoto’s usually cute prints and shapes, and all the clothes veer pretty intensely towards maternity wear. The line is available in the U.K. and a handful of U.S. outposts right now. That said, you’re not missing much. Click through for a look at the lackluster options. [Fashionista]
If Mrs. Claus were a pregnant hipster, this is what she’d wear.

It’s not so much that we hate the dress as the fact that this noxious combination of boring and oddly shaped costs $200.

We can sort of get behind this shirt in theory. In person, however, we fear that it promotes pear-shaped-ness.