Don’t You Dare Use Marlon Brando’s Name Without Permission

When it comes to celebrities and clothing items, it’s common practice for designers to honor their favorite stars by naming select pieces from the collection after them. But Marlon Brando’s people aren’t very happy about a leather jacket that pays homage to him; they are very angry at Joe’s Jeans for their two transgressions. It seems the denim brand never requested approval to name their leather jacket The Brando, and they labeled one of their e-newsletters “The Wild One,” the title of one of Brando’s films in which he wears a leather jacket. Now, Brando Enterprises has slapped the company with a lawsuit, claiming Joe’s is “infringing and misappropriating the Brando name.” The main mission of the estate is to protect the Marlon Brando brand, but it’s not like Joe’s Jeans used his name on something like a pair of high heels. This is a leather jacket we’re arguing over, a clothing item that Brando was not only filmed wearing but which also fits his personality and image. What do you think — fair or over the top? [Market Watch via Styleite]