Courtney Love Is A Serious Stage Mom

In addition to being a mommy dearest, Courtney Love is also a stage mommy. According to a new book coming out on June 1, Courtney was the stage mom from hell while Frances Bean was at summer camp. Mickey Rapkin, the author of Theatre Geek, which follows three teen actors during a 2006 summer session at a performing arts camp, Stagedoor Manor, interviewed Courtney in the book. FYI, there’s also a documentary about the camp, whose famous alum include Lea Michelle, Zach Braff, and Mandy Moore, called “Stagedoor.” I especially liked it because I went to the rival performing arts summer camp, French Woods. Ah, to be a teen theater geek. But I digress … back to crazy Courtney and what I can only imagine was a nightmare of a summer for Frances Bean. Courtney made a stink about everything that summer. For starters, she wasn’t pleased with Frances’ chorus role in the camp musical, “The Leader of the Pack.” “She was in like, some tertiary chorus line. It really pissed me off,” Courtney complained. And then there were the kids teasing her. How did Courtney handle it? She had Drew Barrymore’s phone call for Frances Bean broadcast over the camp PA system to make the other campers jealous. I’m thinking that only made the teasing worse. But I think my fave tidbit is about her brawl with a hot dog vendor when he refused to break her $100 bill. “Who do I gotta [bleep] around here to get a hot dog?” Courtney screamed. No wonder Frances wanted to divorce her. I so can’t wait to read this book. [NY Post]