10 Stars Who’ve Worn SCRAM Anklets

scram lindsay lohan jpg
Lindsay Lohan got the smackdown in court this week; she’s been ordered to wear a SCRAM anklet, which stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. Her lawyer tried to get her out of sporting the dranklet (heh), saying that the anklet would interfere with Lindsay’s ability to make a living since she’s due to begin filming a movie in Texas soon. The judge flat-out denied the request. This is actually the second time Lindsay donned a SCRAM—the last time was voluntary, after her first visit to rehab. [People]

The device tests the wearer’s sweat for traces of alcohol and tampering with it alerts the po-pos. The same company also makes devices used to monitor those under house arrest. I actually had a crush on a boy in a SCRAM once—we were waiters together and made out in the walk-in fridge. Gotta love the bad boys … and girls. Hollywood sure does, because here are the celebs who’ve been told to SCRAM.

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