Woman Sues Wireless Company After Husband Discovers Affair Through Phone Bill

The thing about huge jerks is that, because they are huge jerks, they will find every opportunity to avoid responsibility for how out-of-control their jerkitude has gotten. This is perhaps why Gabriella Nagy is suing the Canadian phone company Rogers Wireless for $600,000 for sending her cell phone records along with her and her husband’s regular phone bill, which subsequently led to him discovering that she was having an affair. Nagy complained that, “The thing that really hurt me is that it all came out not through my own doing.” Because, obviously, the phone company had the affair on her behalf. She also said she had “entrusted them with my personal information,” but little did she know, phone companies don’t actually have a confidentiality agreement. The phone company responded, “The marriage breakup apparently resulted from the fact the plaintiff was having an extramarital affair, a fact admitted in the statement of claim. Rogers is not responsible for the plaintiff’s affair or its consequences.” I’m fully willing to admit my faults—I didn’t try to sue the internet because my ex-boyfriend read one of my blogs and broke up with me. If you want to live a life free of morals, go for it, but the karma and consequences belong to no one but you. Case closed. [Newser]