The 10 Latest Celebrities On Baby Bump Watch

baby bump alicia keys 052510 jpg
Alicia Keys has been causing some drama lately. She’s been labeled a home wrecker after shacking up with married man Swizz Beats. Now that his divorce is finalized and the couple is going public, the line of gossip has shifted gears. Recently, Keys has become the latest victim of the baby bump rumors. Her stomach is being magnified and circled in nearly every tabloid, claiming that a puff in her shirt is the sign of a little Keys to come. She has kept her mouth shut about the chatter, leaving everyone to draw their own conclusions. [Celebrifi]

Seventy percent of the time, baby bump sightings of this type end up being a bad wardrobe choice or a pesky gust of wind rather than a bun in the oven. Read on to see this year’s celebrity pregnancy rumors. Some are closed cases, while others remain mysteries.

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