Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Men Of “Sex And The City 2″

Laugh and jeer all you want. You bet your Manolos I’ll be lined up this weekend, in my cutest summer dress, to see “Sex and the City 2.” I know that it’s so predictable-New-York-blogger-girl of me, but I am chomping at the bit. I don’t care if it’s stupid; I don’t care if Carrie and gang are wearing turbans and riding camels — I NEED IT! I especially need the hot men. Let’s play shun, shag, or marry with the dudes of “SATC2,” shall we?Shun: Mr. Big, aka Chris Noth
I love me some Big. I really, really do—but my gut tells me that this guy is meant to be a bachelor for life. I know he came back, but something inside me died when he left Carrie at the altar. Somehow, my girl boner for him is dead and I can’t get it back up. Some people are just incapable of long-term commitment. I know “SATC2″ is going to explore life after “I do” with Carrie and Big. I’m secretly hoping this film will end with Carrie saying “I don’t.” There may just be someone better waiting right around the corner in a Middle Eastern marketplace.

Shag: Nicky, aka Noah Mills
Have you seen Samantha’s new boy toy nowadays? Ummm … have you seen him? Do I even need to explain myself here? Face, abs, arms, chest are just a few of the reasons you may want to bring him home for a romp. Plus, the “SATC” gospel says that whomever Samantha happens to be shagging is who you would be shagging too … if you could. How come I never meet guys like this in real life?

Marry: Aidan, aka John Corbett
I know he used to be kind of annoying with his “Hey, Cupcake! Where you at and what ya been doing?” But the truth is that I always thought of Aidan as the one who got away. That guy is the marrying type. He doesn’t have commitment issues like Big—he wanted to settle down and marry Carrie. He never would have left her at the altar. He’s safe but not too safe, hot but not too hot. One-hundred bucks says that he’s single in “SATC2″ and still into Carrie. I hope she puts him on a camel and takes him home. Don’t let him get away this time!

So who would you shun, shag, or marry? Share your picks in the comments.