Plagiarism Claims Start Drama In The Fashion Blogger World

Fashionista recently published a list of the “Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers,” which included people like Tavi and Jane from Sea of Shoes. The post accumulated several comments, many of which were your run-of-the-mill positive “great list!” quips. However, one commenter took issue with the website’s picks, stating: “I’ve noticed that some blogs with larger audiences (a number of which are included in Fashionista’s list) often appropriate content from smaller blogs like the ones in the paragraph above. While being inspired by others is par for the course, what’s disturbing is that some of these widely read blogs do not feel the need to cite their sources. By omission, these popular blogs will claim the original ideas of others as their own.”The first person to respond was none other than Susanna Lau, the popular fashion blogger behind Style Bubble, who was included in Fashionista’s roundup. Concerned, she wrote, “Ooh err… who are you accusing in this list that re-appropriates content? I hope it isn’t me … because I work VERY hard in trying to ensure my content is mostly my own.” Unsurprisingly, she opened a can of worms that caused a freak-out …

Things got ugly after the commenter responded, “Why do you feel the need to defend yourself, Susie? There are nine other bloggers on this list. I could have very well been referring to any one or number of them. I suspect that you’re piping up because you feel at least some wisp of recognition that you have copied … “

Susie’s Twitter stream shows the blogger’s resolute denial, and while we believe that Style Bubble contains largely original content, there is something a bit too insistent about the handful of hectic Tweets to the effect of “Memory is failing me…. PLEASE, someone, I’m going NUTS… when/where/how have I copied without crediting….” and “Going to bed angry and confused…. f**k it….. will go through the 2,800 posts in the morning…”

Drama! Do you think this fashion blogger debacle is silly and blown out of proportion? Or do you side with the Fashionista commenter who thinks some fashion bloggers get undeserved credit for “copying”? [Fashionista]