Meet The Girlfriend Of A Contestant On “The Bachelorette”

There are two types of television watchers in this world. The ones who want to know what’s coming down the road, so they can be in the know through every twist and turn. And then there are the ones who want to have no ideas what’s going to happen so that they can be surprised. If you are in the latter group, stop reading now. “BACHELORETTE” SPOILER ALERT AHEAD! So in last night’s “This Season On ‘The Bachelorette’” promo, we discovered that one guy would make it reasonably far in the competition before it’s discovered that he has a girlfriend. The guy in question is already all over the interwebs—Justin Rego, the wrestler on the show who goes by the lame nickname “Rated R.” The other guys saw right through him last night and overwhelmingly voted him the guy who was there for the wrong reasons. (I love how they put it like it was a game of “Where’s Waldo?”) Ali, however, was feeling him and decided to give him a rose anyway.

Apparently, Justin had not one, but two girlfriends when he left for the show. Girlfriend A (Jessica) found out about Girlfriend B (Kimberly) when she left a flirty message on his Facebook page. The two women talked and realized that they both thought they were Justin’s “one and only.” Jessica decided to contact the show and blow the whistle on him. He makes it to the final seven, at which point Ali gets a call from Jessica and confronts Justin in Turkey.

Radar has landed an interview with Justin’s Girlfriend B, Kimberly Kerekes. They’d been dating for three months when he left for the show. “He told me he was going onto a reality show, but he didn’t say which one it was. I found out through mutual friends it was ‘The Bachelorette’,” she says. “He said she wasn’t his type at all and he was just going on the show for his career. I agreed to keep dating him because he told me it had nothing to do with actually falling in love. “

She says that Justin has called to apologize since getting caught, but that she’s avoided him. She also claims that the show was rigged. She says, “I know Ali was informed to keep Justin on the show and not vote him off because the phone call was in the waiting to go through.”

Do we believe this? The tears in her eyes make me think she’s for real. [Radar]