Walk It Off (Literally) In Fat-Burning Underwear

Losing weight is actually quite a simple mathematical equation. All you have to do is reduce your calorie intake, increase your energy output, or both. However, thanks to the powers of human imagination, a propensity towards laziness, and the invention of Oreo cookies, weight loss has become a rather complicated endeavor, but only of our own making. The latest miracle product? Wacoal’s fat-burning underwear, due out this fall. Yup, all you have to do is wear your panties and the pounds will magically shed …Technically, these doodads are more like shapewear (there’s a version for men, too!), as the bicycle short form really sucks you in, creating a Spanx-like quality to keep you slim in a cocktail dress. But the main draw is that these undies have a vague feature that claims to “stimulate the muscles of the thighs, and spread it with a natural stride.” That doesn’t really sound like English to us, but to be fair, the fat-burning undergarments are preparing for a first release in Japan, so perhaps something got lost in translation. Like, maybe … “put down the doughnut if you want to lose that extra five pounds.” [InventorSpot]