Venus Williams’ French Open Outfit: Too Sexy Or Just Ugly?

There’s no denying Venus Williams is a talented tennis player, but it wasn’t her swing that elicited whispers and whistles from the French Open audience over the weekend. Venus caused quite a stir wearing a black and red corset-like mini dress on the court. The lacy getup, which she designed herself, gives the illusion of being sheer. The ruffled skirt flips and bounces with Venus’ every movement, exposing her flesh-colored boy shorts. She said the look was “about illusion,” which is her “motif this year.”

This isn’t the first time Venus’ tennis outfit has been the center of attention. She showed off flesh-colored panties in January and wore a stylish tennis tutu in March. She’s definitely made a commitment to challenging traditional tennis attire while maintaining her spot at the top. But are lace, corseting, and panties that allude to bare skin too sexy for tennis? Or are Venus’ tennis outfits making the game more exciting and stylish?

Let’s not forget Venus and sister Serena Williams burst onto the tennis scene rocking beaded braids, so I think Venus should be able to show her style in anything that isn’t vulgar, which I don’t think this outfit is. I do, however, think her French Open outfit is ugly. It reminds me of a cheesy Halloween costume. What do you think of Venus’ lingerie-like tennis mini dress? [NY Daily News]