Style 911: How To Wear Sleeveless To The Office

If you work in a place where not looking skanky or slobbish is valued, summer presents a few problems. As temperatures creep closer and closer to unbearable, keeping up the same level of dress sometimes becomes an issue. Fall, after all, makes a crisp blouse and jacket easy. July at 90 degrees? Not so much. Conveniently, unless you work in a really conservative office, there are a few ways to avoid pit stains, look professional, and keep relatively cool, all while showing off your guns. Yes, ladies, we’re talking about pulling off a sleeveless top at the office; it’s a bold move, but someone’s got to do it.
First up, pick the right sleeveless top. If you’re worried about being appropriate, you’re always safer with a blouse that fits well. (As in one that buttons to a respectable level without straining to cover up the girls). A little embellishment can also do wonders in terms of making you look more put-together. [Pin Dot Button Front Top, $70, Ann Taylor]

Stick to the conservative side when picking out your bottoms. Definitely experiment with different shapes — pencil skirts, circle skirts, and pedal pushers, for example — but keep the fit classy. By this we mean that you don’t need to be wearing a skin-tight skirt with your somewhat revealing top. [Cafe Capri Pants, $69.50, J.Crew; Circle The Globe Skirt: $68, Anthropologie]

Always keep a cardigan or lightweight jacket at your desk in case of air conditioning emergencies. Nothing looks more asinine than someone shivering in a sleeveless top during a meeting. We like this little bolero, but a cropped cardigan in a bright color like red or purple could also be cute. [Basic Bolero, $39.50, The Limited]