“Lost”: The Critics Have Spoken, But Totally Disagree

Wait—did I say that last night’s “Lost” festivities were four and a half hours long? Make that five and a half hours if you stayed up to watch the cast on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Aloha to ‘Lost'” special. The “Lost”-in lasted past 1 a.m., and so I like to imagine that all the television critics in the country were up pulling all-nighters, trying to gather their thoughts in time to post them this morning. As could’ve been expected, last night’s finale was as divisive an issue as health care reform and immigration. Some critics loved the episode while others were horrified. After the jump, read what the smart folks had to say about the finale and let us know which camp you are in. The Pro(tector)s (of the Island)

Doc Jensen of Entertainment Weekly:

“‘The End’ was an emotionally draining epic that had me crying with almost every single ‘awakening’ and has left me mulling the true significance of the Sideways world, which was revealed to be a Purgatory-like realm created by the souls of the dead castaways themselves. I was so happy The Island was saved. I was so moved by Jack’s heroism and sacrifice and the glorious significance of ending where he began, I thought that Hurley was a surprising choice for the new Island guardian—and I loved that Ben had a role as his No. 2. The ‘resurrection’ of John Locke rocked my face, and one of the many moments that had me dabbing my eyes was watching Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson play their last duet together. I loved Ben’s contrition. I loved Locke’s forgiveness. I loved it when Ben told him to stand up and walk again, and Locke did. And then there was Vincent. You know, playing the dog card is kinda shameless, but man, did that work for me.” [EW]

Emily Nussbaum of NY Mag:

“I, Hater, cannot do anything but adore an episode in which Sayid and Shannon—just as I’d hoped!—literally make out in public, practically stripping off their clothes and doing it in an alley, causing everyone else at my ‘Lost’-watching party to scream in disgusted agony as I cheered and waved my hands around. … While they never resolved many absolutely key plot elements (why did the Others act the way they did when the Losties arrived? What in hell was up with the pregnant women dying?), and while they bracketed the whole thing with this Jacob/Smokey crap, while the shove-the-cork-in-the-hole sequence was so Freudian even Freud would have giggled, it was daring. It was actively unpredictable.” [NY Mag]

Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly:

“‘Lost’ went out in a manner that was refreshingly not like that of so many dramas, which tend to become more dramatic, serious, and bleak in an effort to prove their ultimate profundity. Instead, the long ‘Lost’ last night was a combination of a greatest-hits album and a lively Sunday-school lesson. … If there was one thing we can probably all agree upon, in the end, Jack Shephard was a Christ figure whose sacrifice saved many other people. The imagery could not have been more specific: Jack’s questioning and obeying of his father; his leadership of a small group of disciples; his final ascension (in TV terms, in a glowing white light). Even the piercing of his side by Locke/Man In Black was in the part of his body where Christ was speared while in agony on the crucifying cross.” [EW]

The (Long) Cons

Mike Hale of the NY Times ArtsBeat:

“Well, it was better than the ‘Life on Mars’ finale. But you have to think that the gauzy, vaguely religious, more than a little mawkish ending of ‘Lost’—’Touched by a Desmond’—will not sit well with a lot of the show’s fans. Many of them will have thought that things were going pretty well. … But then came the ending, in which most of the main cast members gathered at a church for the big reveal: they were all dead. And they knew it now, though Jack, as always, took the longest to catch on. (Or maybe just Jack was dead, and this was his funeral?) White light flooded the church and they all went … well, who knows.” [NY Times]

Max Read of Gawker (who titled his review “The Lost Finale Was Incredibly Dumb”):

: “We learned nothing from two-and-a-half hours of slow-motion bullsh**tery backed with a syrupy soundtrack. … IT TURNED OUT THAT THEY HAD ALL DIED. All of them! And not even all together, simultaneously, in some awesome disaster/explosion. They had all died, at various times, throughout history. (Except for Michael and Walt, apparently!) And then they, like, remembered that they were dead, in this terrible, unfortunate excuse for Heaven they had created, and the Church went to white, and Jack was lying there, dying, with the dog. The dog. I swear to God, Abrams, ‘Super 8′ better be a fucking masterpiece.” [Gawker]

Tom Gliatto of People:

“The very long finale to ABC’s ‘Lost’ was deeply touching, quite ridiculous and, in its very last seconds, so infuriating I erupted like the Smoke Beast and did a few cloudy charges around the perimeter of my apartment on the island of Manhattan. … It was as if Dorothy had woken up back in Kansas and all the farmhands said, ‘Shut your trap, Aunt Em. Dorothy’s right. We DID see her in Oz.'” [People]

What did you think?

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