First Look: Lauren Conrad’s New Style Book

While some writers struggle for years to publish just one book, Lauren Conrad’s already proudly penned not one, not two, but four. The first three, titled L.A Candy, Sweet Little Lies, and Sugar and Spice are a thinly veiled novels about her life in L.A., but the fourth focuses on what Lauren seems to know best: fashion. Aptly named Lauren Conrad Style, the book plans to divulge tips on how to dress just like LC, including tips like getting clothes tailored to fit your body. While you wait for her scintillating advice, here’s a first look at the cover of her latest creation, which you’ll find on shelves come October. While it’s sparse, with a simple white background, her deep gaze looks intense. For a book that’s all about fashion, there’s almost none on the actual cover, except for an elegant bun and Lauren’s cat-eye makeup. [Amazon via FabSugar]