Ask The Astrosexologist: Cancer Hopes For Future With Manipulative Virgo

My guy’s birthday is 9/16 and mine is 6/23. We dated for five months when he was living in my town for work. He asked me to move with him to his town and I agreed. Shortly after moving, he became distant. After a year, he broke up with me and I moved back to my hometown. Five months later, we began to see each other on occasion and I’d spend nights. Everything was wonderful, as it was in the beginning. Last month, I saw a profile he had online, which said, “…not looking for a bulls**t partner for life.” I was devastated. I thought we were working on building a new foundation. He said he felt used and that there were things in me that he didn’t want to be around for the rest of his life. This is the first time he has said anything about our breakup. Yes, he is right, I am emotionally insecure at times, but also very loving. I miss him so much and have apologized for my mistakes. He said he was done. Do you see us getting back together? How and when should I approach him again? – Lost in Michigan

What did you do wrong? Apologizing for mistakes? Huh? You caught him trying to have his cake and eat it too, and when you called him out on it, he then turned it on you and made you feel bad about yourself! Why would you want to be with someone like this? He’s someone who makes you feel emotionally insecure and has you saying you’re sorry for things you shouldn’t be sorry about! Sure, you care for this guy, and honestly thought something would happen both times, but you have nothing to feel bad about. He got caught. He tried to spin it. He wanted you to feel guilty. All big bad red flags!

As a Cancer with a Pisces moon, you do tend to get caught up in emotions to a big extent, but that also makes you a caring person, a creative person and perhaps even highly intuitive. Whatever the case, no one should or has the right to make you feel bad about your emotions and how sensitive you are. The fact that this guy doesn’t want a “bulls**t partner” is all you need to know to turn yourself around and not want more. Approaching him in any other way won’t result in anything other than sex and memories that amount to nothing. You would be playing with fire and your self-esteem if you try to make it more than it is. He’s had enough time with you to know what he wants and he has made his choice clear; however, he’s done it duplicitously — which makes it so much worse.

It’s time to gather your thoughts. Instead of looking back and being sentimental, which heavy-duty water sign people tend to do too often, it’s time for you to look ahead! Astrologically, this is a lucky time for you to travel abroad and take more risks in life. In love, you have superb aspects happening at the end of June, and eclipses that can bring sudden changes to your status and have you meeting guys that are worth your while. However, you won’t be able to recognize them if you’re stuck on only seeing one person in your future. Start healing the agony of this Virgo who did you wrong now and set your sights on someone who can make you feel secure and loved in the way you deserve, because it’ll never be him.

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