Walmart Knew Miley Cyrus’ Jewelry Was Toxic

Walmart has pulled a line of jewelry designed by Max Azria for the Miley Cyrus brand after tests conducted by the Associated Press proved the jewelry contained high levels of cadmium. This metal is considered toxic because long-term exposure can cause bone softening and kidney failure and can lead to problems in brain development in young children. Cadmium is also considered a carcinogen. The AP made Walmart aware that the jewelry contained cadmium back in February, yet the world’s largest retailer said the task of testing products already on its shelves would be too difficult.

Simply wearing jewelry containing cadmium isn’t known to be dangerous. However, it is hazardous to bite or suck the jewelry as is the habit of young children. Fans of Miley’s line include teens, tweens, and kindergartners. Girls age 6 to 11 are more at risk for cadmium poisoning for unknown reasons, but experts say the bodies of girls within this age range may replace iron with cadmium when there’s a deficiency in this necessary metal. So why the heck did Walmart wait so long to take this jewelry off store shelves? [Yahoo News]