JetBlue Pilot Allegedly Threatened To Crash His Plane After Fight With Girlfriend

Massachusetts police took a gun from a JetBlue pilot at Logan Airport after he allegedly fought with his girlfriend and then told a friend he was was going to kill himself in a “spectacular fashion.” Eeek! But it gets worse: Boston’s local WBZ News Radio also reported that the pilot, whose name is being kept anonymous, emailed his girlfriend and threatened to crash an airplane. JetBlue, however, has called the plane crash threat “vicious rumor and speculation.”
Since the pilot was not charged with illegal possession of a firearm, it is possible he had the authority to carry a firearm on a flight if he was a member of the Federal Officer Flight Deck Program. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, approximately 10,000 pilots are allowed to fly with guns. The pilot volunteered to undergo a medical evaluation at Massachusetts General Hospital following this little incident with the police. Poor guy, we’re guessing his flying career is effectively over.

Me, on the other hand, now I have another anxiety-ridden in-flight-disaster to fret about. Breakups are the the pits, but keep it out of the cockpit, OK? Us peeps with a fear of flying don’t need another reason to worry! [CBS News, Daily Mail UK]