How To Keep Your Feet Looking Nice This Summer

When I lived at home, my mom made us — and our confused friends — wash our feet in the sink before entering the house proper during the summer. In sandal weather, she could often be heard admonishing us not to “drag our street feet into the house!” As a result, I’m flexible and balanced enough to stand on one leg while the other is in the sink and consider myself an expert at warding off what I like to call “hobo feet.” Click through for tips for keeping your feet smooth and pretty, even as summer sandal dirt threatens to make them filthy and dry.

  • Get a Ped Egg. Embarrassing though it may be to own the infomercial foot sander, this thing works. Use it on callouses and rough spots a couple times a week during sandal weather.
  • Actually scrub your feet in the shower, rather than assuming the water running over them will do the trick. Yeah, I’m looking at you. You’ll also want to wash your feet before putting on pretty shoes if you’ve been wearing sandals all day; no one wants dirty inner soles.
  • Pedicures are important. Whether you have them done or handle those cuticles yourself, well-maintained toes will do a lot in terms of keeping your feet from looking sloppy.
  • Slather Vaseline onto your feet at least once a week. Use the Ped Egg before you shower, then cover them in a thick layer of Vaseline before putting on thick socks to lock in the moisture and keep the gooey lotion from getting on everything in your house. You’ll wake up to baby-soft feet.