Get Hitched On The Wedding Truck

If you live in Shelbyville, Illinois, and are getting married in the near future, I suggest that you call minister Darrell Best and have him marry you on his wedding truck. This truck is a 1940s firetruck that’s been painted white and topped with a tiny chapel, complete with an organ. “Typically, we drive to a couple’s favorite spot and hold the service there,” explains Best. “We stand on the back of the truck, and the congregation stands all around, down beneath.” So far, 30 couples have gotten married on his truck, and he says it’s extra popular with motor enthusiasts and bikers. But all the couples have stopped the truck, rather than getting married on the road per se, which I guess is good ’cause I’d hate to see what wedding road rage looks like. “It could be done going down a road—but it hasn’t happened yet,” says Best. “If somebody did want to get married driving down historic Route 66 at mile-marker 100, we could do that.” Perhaps you could be the first? [AOL News]