Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Use

Wedding season is upon us and if you’re one of the many harried, stressed-out brides-(or grooms)-to-be, one of the things on your long to-do list may be finding the perfect wedding favor for your guests. Favors often end up being cutesy objects that are typically discarded as soon as the wedding’s over (after all, how many of your friends need something with your name and wedding date emblazoned on it?), but of course they don’t have to be. When I got married last July in Central Park, we thought it would be super hot, so we bought these simple and colorful paper folding fans near Chinatown for our guests for about $.75 each (you can read my whole post on throwing a budget wedding here), and skipped any inscription in case our guests ever wanted to use the fans in the future. This morning I came across a clever idea for wedding favors that are sure to be used and appreciated by guests: actual, literal favors, as in “things the couple will do for people in the future to help them out.”

“They decided to make each guest a little scroll with three different favors from which they can choose — a free drink from their cash bar, custom illustrations from Lara, help moving, house/spring cleaning, computer help, cupcakes etc. And their guests can swap if they like, which is a great way to encourage conversation amongst strangers”.

Love it! But I hope the poor bride isn’t stuck making, like, 18 batches of cupcakes as soon as she comes home from her honeymoon!

Another favor I’ve seen and loved was done by blogger Holly Burns of Nothing But Bonfires, who made salted caramels from scratch and presented them in these cute little bags with labels designed by her graphic designer husband-to-be (the label reads: “Holly and Sean’s World Famous Salted Caramels. Established September 5, 2009.”). So cute! And tasty, I’m sure. What are some of the best wedding favors you’ve come across in your days as a guest (or bride/groom)? [Offbeat Bride]