Trailer Park: “Shrek Forever After,” “Solitary Man,” “Daddy Longlegs”

We’re exactly one month away from the first day of summer and if you, like I, haven’t realized this, we might have a lot of spring cleaning, spring flinging, and summer preparing to do. I guess that means you’re supposed to organize your closet, make out with a dude and paint your toenails? And because you/we have so much on our plate, it’s important to not waste valuable energy on socializing and partying until the wee hours of the morning and this is why you should go see a movie instead. Never thought I’d get to the point, did you? This week, “Shrek Forever After,” “Solitary Man,” and “Daddy Longlegs” are out, but if those aren’t your cup of tea, check out the previous releases!

The Movie: “Shrek Forever After”
The Trailer: Shrek (Mike Meyers) is bored with his terribly fantastic life of fame and fortune and longs for a day of some old-school roughhousing ogre fun. So, the mischievous “magic-broker” Rumpelstiltskin offers him a day of freedom. Of course, Rumpel throws everything upside down in the kingdom of Far Far Away, takes over Shrek’s title as ruler, and it appears that Shrek never existed as no one knows who he is. His former bride, Fiona (Cameron Diaz), blows him off, his bestie, Donkey (Eddie Murphy), doesn’t know him, and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) got fat for some reason.
The Hitch: I’d imagine that if you’ve got children, you don’t have much of a choice in the matter, but this is a movie I can safely say I will probably never watch. Bonuses that this fourth (and perhaps final) installment of a “Shrek” movie includes more pop culture references and a few new voices, from the likes of Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch, and “The Office”‘s Craig Robinson.

The Movie: “Solitary Man”
The Trailer: Ben Kalmen (Michael Douglas) is a formerly successful car dealer who ruins all the good he had in his life in favor of chasing young women. He divorced his wife (Susan Sarandon), continually hurts his adult daughter (Jenna Fischer) and while he has a girlfriend (Mary-Louise Parker), he prefers to go after girls in the same age pool as her senior-in-high-school-aged daughter.
The Hitch: This seems like the perfect role for Michael Douglas, and judging from the trailer, it appears that he plays it to perfection. The cast alone is enough to draw me to this film, but it also boasts a quality script and good direction. It is a depressing reminder that there are plenty of broke middle-aged men trying to bed beautiful young women. But if someone has to do it, I’m glad that it’s Michael Douglas.

The Movie: “Daddy Longlegs”
The Trailer: Lennie (filmmaker Ronald Bronstein) is a man-boy New York dad who is granted custody of his two young sons (Sage and Frey Ranaldo—sons of Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo) for two weeks … which was maybe not the best plan for anyone involved. It’s a tale of lost-boy parenting techniques in a hipster I-don’t-wanna-grow-up life.
The Hitch: Filmmaking brothers Josh and Benny Safdie make a bittersweet tale of bad parenting, in spite of love, apparently drawing on their own upbringing. The casting is perfection; I want to report Lennie to child services just so I can adopt Sage and Frey. They make me want to make hipster babies.