The 10 Questions The “Lost” Finale NEEDS To Answer

For the past six seasons of “Lost,” every single episode has brought us at least one new oddity to ponder. And yet, as frequently as questions are posed, it’s not that often that a question is actually answered. This is why the love the show, but also what makes it such an ever-evolving mind bender. Now we are down to the final episode. It’s a long one—two and a half hours to be exact—but it has all us fans wondering, how the heck are they going to tie up all the loose ends?

Sadly, they won’t. Today, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse announced that because they felt they didn’t have enough time to finish all the story lines, the season six DVD will contain 20 extra minutes. But uh, we don’t want to wait until August or have to drop $50 to know everything! After the jump, the 10 questions we need answers to on Sunday.

  1. What the heck is the island? So many different theories have been presented by different characters this season. So is the island a cork on a wine bottle of evil that keeps the darkness from spilling out into the regular world, as suggested by Jacob? Is the island hell and everyone on it is dead, as Isabella told Ricardo? Or is it a hiding place for the world’s life source, as Jacob and the Man in Black’s mother proposed? Or is it something else entirely?
  2. What’s up with that white light? Jacob has been tasked with guarding the white light for forever, and in this week’s episode, Jack volunteered to take over the job—which makes sense, as Jacob tells him that the light is near the bamboo field where he awoke in the show’s first seconds. But, uh, what is the light exactly? And whom does it need to be protected from?
  3. Why are the characters’ lives in the “sideways” universe different from what they were before the crash? All season, we’ve been getting flashes to an alternate reality where flight 815 never crashes and lands safely in Los Angeles. Some of the characters’ lives match up with what we’ve seen in flashbacks to their lives before the crash. But most are way different—for example, Jack has a son, Locke has a loving fiance, and Desmond appears to be a bad guy (maybe?) pulling strings and making puppets dance. Why?
  4. Speaking of, what is Desmond’s function in all this? Last episode, we found out that Desmond is a “fail safe.” And we’ve known for a while now that, somehow, he survived the electromagnetic explosion of the hatch. Is Desmond super-powered? Because of the explosion, or has the island always been his destiny too? How will he play into whatever is coming?
  5. What about the polar bears? In the series pilot, Sawyer shoots and kills a polar bear. We know that the Dharma Initiative kept them in the cages—but did they bring them? Or were they already there?
  6. Why can’t women have babies on the island? Another question that goes seasons back with no explanation. Why was Claire able to give birth to Aaron and Jacob and the Man in Black’s mother able to give birth to them—but all other women on the island are unable to have babies?
  7. How will Jack try to kill the Man in Black? When Jack took over for Jacob, Jacob said Jack must “do what he couldn’t—kill him.” So how exactly does one go about killing a lethal cloud of black smoke? Guess we’ll have to find out.
  8. How is Jacob still conversing with the candidates when he is dead? In last year’s season finale, the Man in Black convinced Ben to kill Jacob. So, uh, how is Jacob sitting around a camp fire explaining to the candidates how he picked each of them because they had no ties, led miserable existences, and were alone in the world?
  9. What’s up with Jack’s neck wound? In the sideways universe, Jack has a wound on his neck that keeps reopening for no apparent reason. This has me a little nervous. I’m worried that in the final showdown between Jack and the Man in Black, Jack might not come out alive. If his throat is slashed, it would explain that detail in the sideways reality.
  10. Why was the island underwater? Remember back in the season premiere when the island was shown totally submerged underwater? Why? How? When? Is that the end result of whatever battle is coming?

And some more questions we don’t need answered, but hey, a girl can dream:

  • Will Juliet meet Sawyer in the sideways world? Why did she die saying they should go get coffee? Is she Jack’s baby-mama?
  • What was the deal with Walt?
  • What was up with the numbers?
  • Widmore and Eloise Hawking? Could use a lot more explanation on their involvement with the island, please.
  • What happens to Aaron and Ji Yeon, Sun and Jin’s daughter?
  • Who is the woman who raises Jacob and the Man in Black?
  • What’s up with the four-toed statue?
  • Why can’t the smoke monster get across those fence things?
  • What’s up with the sickness? Is that what Claire and Sayid had?
  • And, by the way, what’s the Man in Black’s actual name?

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