Nicole Richie’s Clothing Line Could Result In Fashion Victims

We were skeptical when Nicole Richie launched her jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, a couple years back. Images of her multi-colored hair, denim miniskirts, and general “Simple Life”-era tackiness flashed before our eyes and, as a result, we were shocked when House of Harlow turned out to be quite cool on the whole. Vintage-inspired pieces in black and gold had us salivating, and we came to see Nicole as a stylish grownup instead of a rebellious teenager. So when we heard that she was coming out with a clothing line, Winter Kate, we readied ourselves for a parade of retro crowd-pleasers as laid back as Nicole herself. Much to our disappointment, however, images of the upcoming collection are out and most of it feels busy and just a bit awkward. Click through for more images and tell us what you think. [Nitrolicious]
We can see the outfit at left as a rather cute Halloween costume, but would you ever wear any of it in real life? The red dress at right, on the other hand, is probably the most accessible piece in the collection. Belt it, throw on some boots or flat sandals, and we can see that situation working out.

This print is a little aggressive for us. Perhaps with a plain black tank and skinny jeans it’s doable, but we would’ve loved to have seen the interestingly shaped jacket in a more classic fabric.

Is anyone not over jumpsuits? We are. Furthermore, this one isn’t even particularly flattering on the model, so we can’t imagine the hideous things it might do to our hips.