Is Kelly Bensimon Crazy?

Whether or not Kelly Bensimon is crazy seemed to be the main subject of last night’s catfight-tastic episode of the “The Real Housewives of New York City.” All the women — well, except for Jill and LuAnn — got trapped together hopping around the Virgin Islands, landing at some crazy castle resort, where either something in the food, the water, or the weather — OK, maybe it was the company — made Kelly go coo-coo. Or did it?Basically, the big stink-fest went down when everyone sat down for dinner. Basically, Kelly had decided Bethenny was the hellspawn of Satan and wouldn’t let up. So, Kelly’s first crime was picking on a pregnant woman. Then, every time that got worn out, or some distraction arose, Kelly went on to attempt to nail a new victim to the cross. Take, for example, Alex. Earlier in the day, Kelly, in the throes of some weird narcissistic crisis, decided she wanted to take everyone’s photo while they ran about in the waves in their bathing suits. She picked Alex apart for not being a good enough model, which sucks for a variety of reasons, including that Kelly is a former model, Alex is not, and Kelly was the one who wanted to take the photos of a bunch of non-models in the first place. So, at dinner, Kelly pointed out what a crap model Alex was. Alex looked unsure whether or not she wanted to claw out her own eyes or remove Kelly’s face from her skull. Then, Kelly just went on, sniping at whomever, saying random, nonsensical things, and basically acting like a nutbird. Was it embarrassing? Yes.

Finally, new housewife-who-is-not-actually-a-housewife Sonja was basically, like, look, this girl is out of her mind, we are not, and so let’s stop engaging her in her insanity. Bethenny had a hard time not climbing across the table and thrusting a knife into Kelly’s neck, but Sonja’s words did seem to chill her out a bit. At one point, Kelly tromped off, lay down on her bed, and cried. At another point, she appeared with some candy and rambled on about candy. It’s not the first time we’ve seen Kelly act crazy, because she’s always acted a bit mad, but this was her at her, um, finest.

I tell you what it did remind me of: When I was a waitress, and some woman with a fair amount of cash came in, and started drinking, and got to acting pretty wacky pretty quick, leading one to suspect it wasn’t the drink, but the combination of whatever pills she was popping and the booze. I have no idea if Kelly drinks or takes prescription medication or is out of her mind or is just, you know, weird, but what do you think? Crazy? Stressed? Confused?