Is Giving Your Baby Pop Rocks Cute Or Cruel?

I’m a big fan of videos featuring other people’s kids trying something new for the first time and laughing about it. Like that little boy who was filmed by his dad after a trip to the dentist and he was all high on whatever they gave him and was kind of tripping out — that made me howl. But the trend of filming your babies eating PopRocks candy for the first time gives me pause. I want to think it’s adorable and funny, but then I remember that I actually hate PopRocks and think the little jumping pieces of sugar kind of hurt. I sure as hell wouldn’t be down with someone putting them in my mouth without my permission, especially if I was barely able to walk and, as is the case of young Beckett, above, not even old enough to eat solid food. So, yeah, I dunno. Catherine thinks it’s cruel and she is basically the moral center of The Frisky. Jessica, meanwhile, has a heart made of marshmallows and rainbows, and she thinks it’s cute. What do you think? Harmless fun or child cruelty?! [BuzzFeed]

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