Doggie Yoga: Pay Good Money To Annoy The Heck Out Of Your Pooch

My dog Lucca does lots of really cute things. She even poops in a cute way — seriously, she looks at me while she’s doing it, like she’s almost ashamed to be in public relieving her bowels. Anyway, one other cute thing she does is dramatic stretching. First she stretches her front legs, then she individually points her back paws and stretches them. Really, she’s doing yoga, or “doga,” and she’s doing it with far more frequency than I am, if I’m being honest. So she’s really a perfect candidate for these ridiculous doga classes being offered around the country, where owners bring their pets to yoga class and they, like, open their chakras together. Doga has been around for awhile, but CBS, in the clip above, found a class in Omaha, Nebraska to spotlight, which just shows that doggie yoga is officially a big ol’ trend. I’m not sure that I would personally get much out of paying for a doga class, fitness-wise, and I suspect Lucca would rather do her doga on her own at home. She’s fiscally conservative.

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