5 Most Kick-Butt “Lost” Scenes

After six seasons of watching “Lost” going “huh?” at 99 percent of the plot revelations each week, only one thing remains clear— some characters are just awesome, especially when they do completely crazy, amazing stunts! Like, look at Desmond saving Claire. The man has vision and so do the genius writers for figuring out a way to get him shirtless and soaking wet. But this is just the icing on the cake of coolness that is “Lost.” Needless to say, Desmond is not the only cast member who looked danger in the eye and said, “I got this one.” Check out our top five favorite moments with the best of the cast kickin’ some serious butt.

5. Oh, Sawyer! No wonder every gal on the island wanted to get with the hero.

4. Tom is gay. Finally, “Lost” has the guts to represent!

3. Eko stands up to the Smoke Monster.

2. Kate is an amazon warrior, with a sweet tooth.

1. Sayid vs. Dogen. Best fight since “Kill Bill!”

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